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Exquisite and desirable pearl jewellery to refelect every woman´s natural beauty.

Say hello to designer jewellery from Orchira’s cutting-edge design team; jewellery that reinvents what pearls can be and makes an original, creative statement. If you think you ‘know’ what a piece of pearl jewellery looks like, our designer range might just make you think again. Everyone is familiar with classic pearl jewellery; timeless, elegant pieces that always have and always will lend sophistication and glamour to whatever you choose to wear. New designer jewellery stretches the boundaries of what is possible with pearls, using different colours, shapes and styles to move with the world and fashion and create something fresh and different. The aim is to create a work of art that doesn’t just complement an outfit but also stands on its own as a piece to be admired and desired. When it comes to a gemstone as diverse as pearl, designers have a wealth of options, allowing the creation of hundreds of unique pieces that take inspiration from countless moods and art styles, each with the beauty of natural pearl at their heart. With few limits on colour, shape or style, it's like handing an artist a blank canvas. Normally at this point you'd expect us to say that you'll absolutely love every piece in our range, but we know that's not the case. Designer jewellery is all about personal taste and style, and while you can be certain all our pieces are professionally made and sturdy, only a few might resonate with and be perfect for you. However, we will be truly amazed if you don't find a piece in our range that you don't just like, you absolutely adore. When you find the right piece, and you will find the right piece, you'll know because you'll be telling yourself "this is me". Whether you want pearls for a special occasion or even for everyday wear, going designer is the ideal way to be certain you get a piece that stands out and proves that bland is banished.
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