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Handmade jewellery is all about expressing personality and vision, and pearls are one of the best materials for such expression. Making jewellery by hand means that our designers are freed from the limitations of mass-produced machine-made pieces that need to play it safe to keep everyone happy, usually leaving you with a serviceable but ordinary piece that fails to stir anyone's passions. With handmade jewellery, designers can be more adventurous and produce expressive, expertly-crafted, extraordinary pieces. A major strength of pearls is that they are so versatile, lending themselves perfectly to the variety of handmade pieces. From the intricate and delicate to bold, impactful pieces, pearl is equally capable of being a complementary, understated gem or the star of the show. In many ways, the pearl is the chameleon of the jewellery world, most obviously in its range of colours. From traditional whites to bold blacks to fiery reds or subtler shades such as pinks and purples, the pearl is the handmade jewellery maker's palette. It's not just a matter of colour choice, though. Compared with most other jewels, the pearl has an amazing ability to make an impact whether it's a full-on, striking centrepiece, or a subtle, refined stud. It is this flexibility that makes the pearl such a success across the range of styles and jewellery types. Jewellery makers also benefit from the pearl coming in numerous natural shapes, including: baroque, button, circled, drop, oval, pearl, round and semi-round. That means that handmade pearl jewellery can be made in virtually any design and style you can imagine.
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