Pearl Bracelets

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A beautiful pearl bracelet from Orchira is such a versatile piece of jewellery that it can be worn for the most special of occasions or in your everyday life to add glamour and sophistication to any outfit. Available strung on traditional hand knotted silk thread or on sterling silver or gold chains, the bracelets are built to last. Our silk threaded bracelets are knotted on a quadruple thread using our own ‘Needless Restringing’ technique, which provides an extra 8 year guarantee that the bracelet will not need to be restrung. All our of pearl bracelets are designed by our in-house design team, with variations on the classic white pearl bracelet and new fashion pieces including pearl of many different colours and styles, including multi-strand bracelets and those set with colourful gemstones such as turquoise, aventurine, carnelian and agate. The array of styles, colours and sizes means that our bracelets can be matched to any outfit and regularly appear on the catwalks of leading fashion shows. As we use real, authenticated pearls in our designs you are assured of getting a natural product that will last; just as with diamonds and other precious gems, real pearls are a design classic – other types of jewellery come and go but the appeal of a pearl bracelet has endured for thousands of years, being as popular now as ever. As well as a beautiful presentation box or velvet pouch, you will also receive a certificate of authenticity with your jewellery that is part of the legacy of the piece. When buying a pearl bracelet as a gift it is often a good idea to consider the personality of the recipient and how they will wear the bracelet; a piece such as the Blanche Royale with large white high lustre pearls is a potential showstopper and is perfect for a special occasion, while the delicate Snow White double-strand bracelet is a beautiful yet understated piece that easily translates to everyday living. For advice on choosing a suitable pearl bracelet please do not hesitate to contact us.
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