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With so much else to think about as the big day approaches, it can be stressful trying to choose the right wedding jewellery. The good news is that you can take care of one decision right away by opting for pearl: truly the queen of the wedding jewels. If it didn't have such a rich history and natural roots, you might even think the pearl had been created specifically to fit the requirements of a wedding day. It's hard to imagine something more perfect. Let's start with the colour: the traditional pearl, falling somewhere between white and cream, is ideally matched to the more traditional shades of wedding dress; meaning it enhances the look without stealing the show from your gown. Not all pearls are white, however. They come in a range of colours and different intensities of shades, which can work no matter what your choice of attire. If you're going for a traditional white but with the bridesmaids in a separate colour, you'll likely be able to pick a subtle shade of pearl to match, meaning you can get wedding jewellery sets for your entire entourage. Alternatively, if you choose a coloured dress yourself, you can likely find coloured pearls to match. If you're opting for a simpler gown and a less showy style, traditional pearls can be a tremendous way to add a touch of elegance whilst keeping to a sensible the budget. Whatever the colour you opt for, pearl also means you can choose jewellery that has a size, shape and style in keeping with the wider theme of your attire. Anything from a pair of small stud earrings to a stunning choker necklace is possible. Choosing wedding jewellery is all part of making the most personal of days meet your expectations, and when it comes to wedding jewellery there is no finer choice than pearl.
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