Pearl Earrings

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Pearl earrings from Orchira are available in an extensive range of materials and styles, including sterling silver and gold pieces. We offer over 100 designs of earring, covering everything from simple pearl stud earrings and drop earrings to clusters and beads, so there is something to suit every taste and complement ever look. Our pearl jewellery is also available at a price to suit any budget, with cultured pearls from trusted, sustainable suppliers used in some of our more affordable pieces, up to the highest quality natural freshwater pearls used in our premium pieces to make beautiful freshwater pearl earrings. All of the pearls used to make our pearl earrings are excellent quality, natural pearls – we do not use fake pearls in our jewellery. The pearls themselves are always the star of the show and the centrepiece of our earrings, being available in many different colours from the classic white pearl right through to pink, green, blue and even captivating black pearls. When paired with gems such as jade, rose quartz, chalcedony, crystal and howlite, almost any effect can be achieved; traditional jewellery or modern, designer accessory. The pearl earring recently came back into vogue with the novel and film ‘Girl With a Pearl Earring’, based on the artist Johannes Vermeer’s 17th century painting of the same name. Worn in the film by actress Scarlett Johansson, the eponymous pearl earring was presented as the iconic image it has always been; a sign of glamour in its purest form. Pearl is a natural product and pearl earrings have an enduring ability to bring out the natural beauty of the wearer, looking stunning no matter the occasion. Different pieces suit different personalities; from the fiery passion of black onyx and red coral, to the romance of delicate pink and white pearl earrings in sterling silver, so there is something for everyone.
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