Pearl Necklaces

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Pearl may be a jewel that lends itself to many different styles of jewellery, but if it's a classic piece you want, there's one natural choice: the pearl necklace. The reason the necklace is such a key part of the jewellery world is that the neck itself is such a focal point of the body. Even in winter it's one of the few parts of the body that is exposed; indoors at least. It flushes when we become excited and it's where many of us touch subconsciously when we flirt. It's filled with sensitive nerve endings. Simply put, it's one of the most sensuous parts of the body. The classic freshwater pearl necklace is a perfect combination of beauty and simplicity. Elegant strings of pearls make a statement without showing off, and work well with clothing no matter how simple or grand. There aren't firm rules about what type of pearl necklace to wear, but it can be worth taking into account the length of your neck, the style of clothing you are wearing, and your neckline. As a very rough rule of thumb, shorter necklaces work well with more casual wear, mid-length works best when you are wearing clothes with a low neckline, and longer necklaces are best when you have a more formal attire with a high neckline and the necklace drapes down over the front of your clothing. Of course, there is no reason why you have to stick to convention. Not only can you experiment with different lengths, but there are now countless styles of necklace that give a more contemporary feel. Some of these are subtler twists, such as alternative black and white pearls. Others go further with a range of bold colours that take the necklace from accessory to centrepiece. And some designs even cast aside the simple strand to show that a necklace is limited only by your imagination.
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