About Jewellery

From Audrey Hepburn to Catherine Kennedy, from Meryl Streep to Grace Kelly, Hollywood A list stars and royal members both share the same favorite wardrobe item: pearl jewellery. Pearl jewellery was found as early as 2200 BC. In ancient Rome, pearl jewellery was considered as the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing.

The Greeks held pearl jewellery in high esteem for both its unrivalled beauty and its association with love and marriage. During the Dark Ages, while ladies of nobility cherished classical pearl jewellery, gallant knights often wore them to battle. They believed the magic of these lustrous gems would protect them from harm. The Renaissance saw the royal courts of Europe awash in pearl jewellery. Pearl jewellery had such an outstanding reputation therefore numerous European countries actually made a law to forbid commoners to wear them.

Still perceived as a classical jewellery item worn by the queen and royal members, today's cultured pearl jewellery are making an impressive fashion tide by offering a wide range of innovative designs and styles incorporating many natural and dyed pearl colours, shapes, sizes and in combination with many coloured gemstones and precious metals. As the large scale culturing process going on in China, fresh water pearl cultivating technology is improving at a fast speed too. Nowadays pearls can grow in natural pink, purple, peach, orange, grey, black and white depending on the mineral in the water and the hosting oyster. The wide range of colours of pearl inspires jewellery designers such as Orchira's designers to combine them with some beautiful gemstones to create beautiful pearl jewellery. Contrary to the traditional perception as an old fashioned jewellery item, today's pearl jewellery can make a real fashion statement for an outfit.

Pearl jewellery such as necklaces and pearl earrings can lift a complexion and bring light and radiance to the face taking years off a woman whatever her age. If you can afford it, invest in a pair of large pearl earring studs. They have a wonderful glow with a size about 9-10mm across and look expensive. Look after them by rubbing gently with a pure silk fabric, store in their original box and always put them on after applying perfume and hair products. A matching real pearl necklace freshwater or cultured, will enhance them and you.