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Contemporary jewellery

From the beginning of 1990's, the world has witnessed a booming trend of contemporary jewellery coming into fashion. More and more famous fashion houses and designer labels are offering contemporary jewellery, along side many individual jewellery designer makers.


Nowadays jewellery is not about grandma's treasure box with gold and diamond items that can pass on for many generations and increase value, but more and more about an accessory item that flatters a specific outfit, mark a special occasion and a moment to remember and most importantly, to reflect and flatter the true personality and beauty of the woman who wears it. That's where contemporary jewellery comes into play.


For so many years consumers get tired of seeing the same looking diamond rings, ruby, sapphire rings and gold chain necklaces that packed up the windows of high street jewellers. Today's fashion conscious consumers are vying for the contemporary jewellery that are designed uniquely and refreshingly, using innovative and affordable materials which contain value, with certain style that can complement the look of an outfit. Silver has been extremely popular for its precious nature and affordable price, together with its clean and contemporary look. In the last 4 years we also see a surge of interest and demand for fresh water cultured pearls, which has been widely used in contemporary jewellery.


As the patent of culturing pearls expired in Japan from the patent holder Mikimoto, the pearl culturing technology has been greatly developed by mainland Chinese pearl farmers and the production of fresh water pearls has come to an unprecedented level of quality and scale. The high quality of today's fresh water cultured pearls and wide variety of natural colours and shapes, coupled with price affordability driven by the large scale supply, have made cultured pearls an extremely attractive material to be used in contemporary jewellery design and making.


Apart from silver and pearls, many innovative materials are also used by contemporary jewellery designs, such as rubber, suede leather, silk thread, various semi-precious gem stones such as amethyst, aquamarine, jade, crystal quartz, citrine, rose quartz, topaz, peridot, onyx, garnet, gold sand stone, tiger eye etc and enamel, Swarovski crystal beads to name a few. The vast variety of material used and advanced designs make today's contemporary jewellery most desirable for their wide range of colours and styles, also making them an indispensable accessory for day to day wear and special occasions.


Orchira is such a contemporary jewellery brand that offers a wide variety of colours and styles, using purely natural precious and semi-precious material such as cultured pearls and high quality gemstones, with solid silver and gold findings. The fabulous contemporary jewellery designs, sublime branding image and packaging with highly affordable prices reflect the true value of this brand.