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2018 Jewellery trends – Pearls

Courtesy of Vogue Italy by Selene Olivia Pearls are universally flattering. They bring light to the face and look great with any outfit. And if someone thinks they are too “traditional”, just think that even Marie Antoinette, who said that “There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.” Pearls are back for winter 2017 2018, and it’s one of the most precious trends of the moment. Gucci used lot of pearl to top off its collections like the multi string necklace featuring a statement side closure, adding further movement. The pearl choker is also... Read More

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The History of Pearls – Part IV

From Part III Pearls can be found, or cultivated, in freshwater or saltwater and there are several different types of pearls depending on what mollusc they originate from. Cultured freshwater pearls are produced mainly in China and, due to their abundance, they are more affordable than their saltwater relatives. Saltwater pearls include Akoya, South Sea as well as Tahitian pearls, which originate from Tahiti and other islands in French Polynesia. Akoya pearls originally were cultivated in Japan but the farming technology almost moved completely to South China from 1990’s. South... Read More

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The History of Pearls – Part III

Recently reset by Siegelson into a pair of diamond-capped pearl earrings, these natural grey pearls once belonged to Empress Eugénie of France. Today, natural pearls are among the rarest of gems and their almost entirely depleted supply means that they are found very infrequently only in the seas off Bahrain and Australia. The scarcity of natural pearls is reflected in the prices they fetch at auction, with antique pearl necklaces and earrings selling for record-breaking sums. Last year, a pair of natural pearl earrings – left –  which once belonged to Empress... Read More

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The History of Pearls – Part II

  Pearls have been an important trade commodity since Roman times, and the discovery of pearls in Central and South America in the 15th and 16th century led to the so-called Pearl Age. With the escalating demand for pearls in Western Europe, where ladies of nobility and royalty wore elaborate pearl necklaces, earrings, pearl bracelets and brooches, by the 19th century, demand for pearl jewellery became so high that oyster supplies began to dwindle. Unlike gemstones that are mined from the earth, a living oyster produces a pearl and, in fact, their very... Read More

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The history of Pearls – Part I

Known as the “Queen of Gems”, pearls have been coveted for centuries. Find out about the world’s oldest gem here. Officially the world’s oldest gem, pearls have been revered since long before written history. For this reason, their discovery cannot be attributed to one person in particular, but it is believed that they were first discovered by people searching for food along the seashore. We know that they have been worn as a form of adornment for millennia thanks to a fragment of pearl jewellery found in the sarcophagus of... Read More

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Pearls are the girls’ new best friend – Part III

The Pearl Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum back a few years ago gave pearls another push forward, with its display of wonderful bracelets, necklaces, diadems and rings by jewellers such as Cartier, Tiffany and Lalique. Historically, of course, pearls have always been prized. The Romans loved them, and in medieval Europe they were signifiers of authority on royal regalia, symbolising purity and chastity, though by the Renaissance they had become largely ornamental – adornments that nevertheless showed you were a person of wealth and consequence. Kings and Queens... Read More

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The Changing Face Of Modern Weddings with Pearls

  The Concept Wedding Themes have always played a part in couples choices for their big day; usually, a simple theme, like a colour theme, tying in the different elements of the day. Then along came more specific themes, such as vintage weddings, hippy chic weddings through to even James Bond themed weddings! Nowadays anything goes, with weddings couples adamant on putting their own stamp on the day. While in the past, wedding couples would often go for a more fairytale wedding feel, with classical music being played by string... Read More

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Something Old, Something New, wedding trends with pearl jewellery – Part I

Something old… Something new   It’s true that nothing dates more than fashion. What’s ‘uber cool’ one year can be downright embarrassing the next. But as one famous man said, “fashions fade… style is eternal”. And if there is one thing that every married couple strive for, that is the perfect stylish wedding.   The wedding industry has, in the last 10 years seen a seismic shift in the way people not only dress for weddings, but carry out every minutiae detail of the planning for their big day; from... Read More

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Pearls are girls’s new best friend – Part II

Indeed, for almost a hundred years, the magazine Country Life featured the portrait of a young woman invariably wearing her pearl necklace as its frontispiece. These “Girls in Pearls” photographs became the most famous glossy magazine feature of the 20th century. In other words, pearls were “safe”.   The link with purity – the reason behind the virginal necklace given to debutantes – lingered. When those were fighting their battles for the right of women to vote, their colours were purple, green and white, signifying dignity, hope and purity. Many... Read More

Cultured pearls treatment process. bleaching, buffing, cleaning, filling,coating, dyeing,irradiation 07/06/2017

How do pearls present themselves with beautiful lustre?

Everybody loves the natural and irresistible lustre of cultured pearls. But what are the process of treating pearls after they are taken out of mollusc? Here we are going to look at those industry secrets… After pearls are removed fro a mollusc, they must be cleaned and washed to get rid of residues and odours. They are typically tumbled in rotating barrels with salt during this procedure. The tumbling must be closely monitored; otherwise, some of the nacre may wear off. There are other processes which are not considered routine... Read More