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Rachael Weisz wears large white potato pearl necklace in 2017 new film My Cousin Rachel

Rachael Weisz looks ultra elegant and feminine wearing a string of large white potato shaped cultured pearl necklace with vintage design in the soon to be released film My Cousin Rachel. (June 2017 by Roger Michell) She plays a mysterious and beautiful lady who is the cousin that Sam Claflin seeks to revenge for his brother. The film poster features her wearing a string of stunning large white potato pearls in a pendant drop design with a hint of vintage style. Similar style can be found in Orchira’s collection for... Read More

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Pearls are girls new best friends – Part I

  We all have witnessed a strong come back of pearls in the last 6 years or so, powered by the large scale cultivation of fresh water pearls, with unchallengeable quality, variety of colours and shapes and affordability. Cultured fresh water pearls show off its gorgeous lustre in wide variety of natural colours such as pink, purple, grey, peach, white, cream, as well as numerous enhanced colours, along with many types such as keishi, Biwa, Mabe, coin, square, star, baroque, potato, oval shapes. Today’s pearls are becoming an important element... Read More

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Orchira’s story is published in the book Successful women in business February 2017

  Orchira’s story, from the start, struggle to flourishing, is published in the book – Successful women in business, published by Lovely Silk Publishing, beginning of February 2017 Orchira’s founder was asked by the editor Jacqueline to share her story of founding the brand, from the family background, the experience in the high profile business school in Paris, to being a corporate strategy consulting till creating this beautiful brand. It’s a journey of discovery, conquering challenges, persistence, endurance and love and passion. The book is available to purchase at http://www.lovelysilkspublishing.com/products-page-2/business_books/successful-women-business-coral-edition-revised/... Read More

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Get to know Mabe pearls – semi spherical pearls

Mabe pearls are considered to be “semi-spherical cultured pearls”. Instead of growing inside the body of the mollusk creature, as is the case with other pearls, Mabe pearls grow against the inside shell as attached to the inside of the shell This process causes Mabe pearls to have a flat side, as opposed to being relatively spherical, or at least roundish standard pearls. This also explains why mabe pearls are frequently called “half pearls”. Mabe pearls come in a wide range of beautiful colors, which span from light pinks, to... Read More

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The most loved black pearl necklace by our customers – Oxford beauty

Recently our highly delighted customer Mr Wilson sent us this compliment: “Service was excellent and very friendly. My wife was very pleased with the quality of the necklace we bought on line, Orchira could not have been more helpful. Thank you” The black pearl necklace Oxford Beauty Black is one of Orchira’s popular design and sold widely in the world: it’s a simple yet tasteful tin-cup design with near round 7mm black pearl on a rhodium plated sterling silver box chain. Orchira has also white pearl Oxford Beauty Blanc, natural pink... Read More


Orchira sponsored Miss Universe GB on the stage of global final 2017

16/02/2017 Wearing a Roman soldier outfit with a Union Jack shield, Jaime-Lee Faulkner, The crowned Miss Universe GB 2017 shine with golden rays. She represented Great Britain on the stage of Miss Universe global final in Manila, Philippine on 29th January. Beautifully presented in a red evening dress, white evening dress with train and Roman soldier outfit. She has also brought Orchira’s large white pearl encased in hand wired sterling silver case necklace as Great Britain’s national gift to Miss Universe Global final charity auction.

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Orchira sponsored Jaimee-Lee Faulkner on stage of 2017 Miss Universe global final

3rd February 2017 Jaimee-Lee Faulkner, Miss Universe GB 2016, represented Great Britain on the stage of Miss Universe Global final 2017 in Manila, Philippine, on 29th January 2017. The Sun featured her on the whole page with Jaimee-Lee in red Bikini wearing Orchira sponsored Fire in Dark Night black pearl with black onyx and red coral cluster necklace and bracelet suite. Jaimee-Lee showed off her figure in a sparkling Roman soldier outfit with helmet and sparkling union-jack shield on the global final stage, stunned the whole audience. Well done Jaimee-Lee.... Read More

keishi pearls, cultured pearls, keishi nuggets, bright lustre 23/01/2017

Pearl Encyclopedia: Keishi pearls

Keishi pearls are a kind of pearls that are formed inside an empty pouch once the cultured fresh water pearls are taken out, as the oyster continues to secret nacre, it forms an irregular nugget shape pearl, with extremely bright lustre. The bright lustre and natural colours such as white, pastel pink, peach, purple along with the irregular shape give Keishi pearl great desirability as a new element in jewellery design. Orchira Blooming Fuchsia brooch is a glamorous brooch and pendant two-in-one design that uses keishi petal pearls to create... Read More

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Orchira white pearl necklace Belinda is presented to Miss Universe 2017 Global final in Manila as UK’s national gift

The Miss Universe final will broadcast live on Fox on 29 January 2017 from the Mall of Asia in Manilla, Philippines. Around 90 countries will take part in the event which culminates in the broadcast which will be watched by millions of people worldwide. In the run up to the final, the contestants will take part in a variety of special events including photoshoots and personal appearances. One of the highlights of the build-up will be the annual charity auction for a local children’s charity on January 23rd. Each contestant... Read More