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Something Old, Something New, wedding trends with pearl jewellery – Part I

Something old… Something new   It’s true that nothing dates more than fashion. What’s ‘uber cool’ one year can be downright embarrassing the next. But as one famous man said, “fashions fade… style is eternal”. And if there is one thing that every married couple strive for, that is the perfect stylish wedding.   The wedding industry has, in the last 10 years seen a seismic shift in the way people not only dress for weddings, but carry out every minutiae detail of the planning for their big day; from... Read More

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Pearls are girls’s new best friend – Part II

Indeed, for almost a hundred years, the magazine Country Life featured the portrait of a young woman invariably wearing her pearl necklace as its frontispiece. These “Girls in Pearls” photographs became the most famous glossy magazine feature of the 20th century. In other words, pearls were “safe”.   The link with purity – the reason behind the virginal necklace given to debutantes – lingered. When those were fighting their battles for the right of women to vote, their colours were purple, green and white, signifying dignity, hope and purity. Many... Read More

Cultured pearls treatment process. bleaching, buffing, cleaning, filling,coating, dyeing,irradiation 07/06/2017

How do pearls present themselves with beautiful lustre?

Everybody loves the natural and irresistible lustre of cultured pearls. But what are the process of treating pearls after they are taken out of mollusc? Here we are going to look at those industry secrets… After pearls are removed fro a mollusc, they must be cleaned and washed to get rid of residues and odours. They are typically tumbled in rotating barrels with salt during this procedure. The tumbling must be closely monitored; otherwise, some of the nacre may wear off. There are other processes which are not considered routine... Read More

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Wedding gowns of 2017 with pearl jewellery trend – Part III

To continue Say it with Flowers   Bouquets aren’t the only way to bring the outside in this year. Florals are big news for 2017 brides. Why carry a bouquet when you can wear one, right? Big flowers, little flowers, and everything in between, this year’s gowns wouldn’t look amiss at the Chelsea flower show! As well as flowers being embroidered on, or dresses made entirely from floral fabric, 3D flowers are here and they look stunning. It doesn’t matter if you only want one statement bloom or an entire... Read More

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Wedding gowns of 2017 with pearl jewellery trend – Part II

Painting the Gown Red Or blue, or pink, or even green. Colour is everywhere this year, with wedding gowns being worn in almost every hue imaginable. Subtle or bold, the colour of the dress can really make a statement. Matching the gown with jewellery won’t be a problem, either. Picture this: the bride in a deep red gown, and the groom in a black tuxedo – with these beautiful Crystal Palace Black Pearl Earrings to really complement the colour scheme.   Chasing Rain-Bows The bigger the better is the message... Read More

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Wedding gowns 2017 and Pearl jewellery trend – Part I

Wedding gowns this year are all about the detail. Of course, simplicity will never go out of style, but 2017 has seen an explosion of elaborate designs for every taste – and some of them are not for the faint-hearted.   Taking the Plunge   This year’s plunging neckline is putting the wow into wedding gowns! With more and more couples having civil ceremonies rather than in church, styles which were once thought of as too sexy are now coming into their own. If the low V of the neckline... Read More

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Rachael Weisz wears large white potato pearl necklace in 2017 new film My Cousin Rachel

Rachael Weisz looks ultra elegant and feminine wearing a string of large white potato shaped cultured pearl necklace with vintage design in the soon to be released film My Cousin Rachel. (June 2017 by Roger Michell) She plays a mysterious and beautiful lady who is the cousin that Sam Claflin seeks to revenge for his brother. The film poster features her wearing a string of stunning large white potato pearls in a pendant drop design with a hint of vintage style. Similar style can be found in Orchira’s collection for... Read More

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Pearls are girls new best friends – Part I

  We all have witnessed a strong come back of pearls in the last 6 years or so, powered by the large scale cultivation of fresh water pearls, with unchallengeable quality, variety of colours and shapes and affordability. Cultured fresh water pearls show off its gorgeous lustre in wide variety of natural colours such as pink, purple, grey, peach, white, cream, as well as numerous enhanced colours, along with many types such as keishi, Biwa, Mabe, coin, square, star, baroque, potato, oval shapes. Today’s pearls are becoming an important element... Read More

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Orchira’s story is published in the book Successful women in business February 2017

  Orchira’s story, from the start, struggle to flourishing, is published in the book – Successful women in business, published by Lovely Silk Publishing, beginning of February 2017 Orchira’s founder was asked by the editor Jacqueline to share her story of founding the brand, from the family background, the experience in the high profile business school in Paris, to being a corporate strategy consulting till creating this beautiful brand. It’s a journey of discovery, conquering challenges, persistence, endurance and love and passion. The book is available to purchase at http://www.lovelysilkspublishing.com/products-page-2/business_books/successful-women-business-coral-edition-revised/... Read More

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Get to know Mabe pearls – semi spherical pearls

Mabe pearls are considered to be “semi-spherical cultured pearls”. Instead of growing inside the body of the mollusk creature, as is the case with other pearls, Mabe pearls grow against the inside shell as attached to the inside of the shell This process causes Mabe pearls to have a flat side, as opposed to being relatively spherical, or at least roundish standard pearls. This also explains why mabe pearls are frequently called “half pearls”. Mabe pearls come in a wide range of beautiful colors, which span from light pinks, to... Read More