Pearl Jewellery

As many of you know, diamond is called the king jewel, and pearl is the queen jewel. Pearl from thousands of years ago has been regarded as one of the most precious and desirable gem for jewellery, with its beautiful iridescence and purity.

Because of this purity and unpolished iridescence, pearl bridal jewellery has become the most favoured choice for most brides across the world.

Pearl bridal jewellery has been popular for more than 3000 years, the earliest example of a pair of wild pearl earring for a bride can be traced as far as 1000 BC. In the last 300 years we see pearl bridal jewellery as the most predominant jewellery choice for the majority of royal weddings and celebrity weddings. Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Dianna, Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth Taylor all chose pearl as the precious bridal jewellery for their most important day. Today, with the high quality made available by the advancement of fresh water pearl culturing processes and the production scale from China, pearl bridal jewellery is no more a privilege reserved for royals and celebrities, but more accessible by normal families and brides. Fresh water pearls cultured today can be identical to Akoya sea water cultured pearls in terms of roundness, size and lustre, but cost only a fraction of price.

Contemporary designers also love to design pearls with other precious and semi-precious jewels, such as silver, semi precious stones, crystals etc to give extra charm and variance to pearl bridal jewellery other than the classic pearl necklace, and the pearl bridal jewellery using high quality pearls with diamond and gold or platinum remains always top of the list for most of brides who can afford it. Not only for brides themselves, pearl bridal jewellery is also a great choice of gift for brides maids or brides mothers and mothers in law. The variety of pearl bridal jewellery can be so wide, in terms of styles, colours and material, and flexible enough to go high or low end to suit every budget and age.

Orchira designer jewellery offers a great collection of pearl bridal jewellery, using natural white, cream, pink, purple, light peach coloured cultured pearls in round, near round, lustrous Keishi, Biwa pearl shape, to give the most beautiful combination of colours and styles for bridal jewellery. A lot of jewellery also comes in sets of necklace, earring and bracelet, to give the complete look for the big day. The deluxe branded packaging of our pink silk and wood hand made box with organza bags and ribbons, also give the wedding day an unforgettable touch.