Pearl Varieties

Seed pearls:

Seed pearls are normally baby fresh water cultured pearls of 1-2mm. Normally come in white colours, they are pearls that have been seeded and grown for around 6 months to 1 year.

They are highly precious due to the meticulous level of work to select and drill them, with high possibility of drilling failure, so they come in a high cost. The work of stringing them is another painstaking job which makes seed pearl designed jewellery very precious and special

The very nature of their sheer small size makes them very versatile able to be strung and woven into various shapes and structures, all requiring a high level of detailed elaborate work. They have become a favourite element of specialised pearl jewellery designers.



Keishi pearls

Keishi pearls are grown from the empty pouch inside the host oyster after the first batch of pearls has being taken out. There is no core (nuclea) in the oyster and the continuously secreted nacre forms an irregular shaped nugget, with extremely intense lustre, these are called Keishi pearls, meaning re-born pearls. The intense lustre with natural peach, pink, purple or cream colours and irregular shape make them an ideal piece of gemstone to be used in designer jewellery.



Biwa pearls

Biwa pearls were originally cultivated in Biwa lake in Japan, famed for its special look of wrinkled high lustre surface and long stick shape, it is a favourite element for jewellery designers.