Caring for your precious Pearls

Its a rainy day, why not think of your pearls......... Okay let me help; let's think about how you care for your pearls, the Do's and Don't's!

Pearls love to be worn, in fact the more you wear your pearls the better the lustre, that magical shine.

So here are some simple Don't's:

Don't throw them in your handbag or jewellery box, nasty sharp edges can scratch the surface and you can't polish that scratch out.

Don't expose them to acid-based hair sprays, cosmetics or perfumes, even water. Why? Well the pearls certainly don't like it, but they are not good for the stringing material reducing its lifetime.

Don't be a fiddler, twisting, stretching as eventually the stringing will weaken and break.

Have a be kind to your pearls day, so the Do's:

Do treat them gently, put them in chamois bag or soft tissue when not wearing them.

Do give them a wipe from time to time with a soft cloth. These should help keep them in good condition for many years.

Do have them re-strung regularly, keep an eye on the stringing material and the gaps between the pearls. A simple re-string (not an expensive service) can avoid the breakage or loss and the possible stress of discussing with insurance companies.

So hopefully that will help keep your pearls in great condition and be enjoyed for many years to come. Sun's going to shine tomorrow!