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Pearls make a great gift.

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Christmas away from loved ones?

Christmas away from loved ones?

A British soldier based in Iraq in 2015 sent us an order for one of our designs. We were able to work out he was based overseas and that this was t...
Orchira Re-Stringing

Caring for your pearls

What do you do when the gaps between the pearls increases? Of course go and buy a new string of pearls!  Wrong!!  Well that would be great, but it'...
The birthstone for June is?

The birthstone for June is?

Yes you've got it; the Pearl, and what a wonderful choice! There is another, Alexandrite, but let's just focus on the most important one, the Pearl...

Orchira's intro to video...........

Orchira and Pearls

We have been working in the background creating new video content that will focus on products and help share the individual beauty of pearls and the finished pearl jewellery.

Here is a short video to get started...

Testimonials, Authenticity and Certification


Tanya from Alesbury, UK

"Just wanted you to know, that the bracelet is fabulous! - perfect fit, and the shape of the coin pearls force them to stay on the outside and not to slide round the inside of the wrist which works really well. It looks a very pretty piece. It is great and I love it!"

Clare from Leeds, UK

"Big thanks for your prompt reply. Just to let you know that the earrings have arrived today, so no panic! They are really beautiful and perfect for my wedding day!"


All our Jewellery is custom designed, by 'Shan You'  and manufactured by Orchira. We have been a member of the 'National Association of Jewellers' since 2011 and adhere to their principles.


Every piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and these are signed by Shan.

The National Association of Jewellers, Scottish Member

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