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The clocks have gone forward, blossom on trees,  SPRING is here!


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Orchira and Pearls

We have been working on some new video content to help share the beauty of individual pearls and the finished pearl jewellery. We will put these up on a regular basis and feature some new articles as part of our blog.

Will also put smaller snippets up on Social Media so don't forget to check these out!

So now click and enjoy this short intro video ...

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Keishi pearls by Orchira - great lustre and shape

Let's talk about Keishi Pearls

What are Keishi pearls? Keishi pearls are grown from the empty pouch inside the host oyster after the first batch of pearls have been removed.  As ...
The most common pearl question we are asked .......

The most common pearl question we are asked .......

Are Orchira Pearls freshwater pearls?

So instead of only answering that simple question by Yes, lets go more into the question of; what is a freshwater pearl?

Thank you!

Well the festivities are over and the New Year of 2019 is underway! Hoping that it will be healthy, happy and successful for all. And on that point...

Testimonials, Authenticity and Certification


Tanya from Alesbury, UK

"Just wanted you to know, that the bracelet is fabulous! - perfect fit, and the shape of the coin pearls force them to stay on the outside and not to slide round the inside of the wrist which works really well. It looks a very pretty piece. It is great and I love it!"

Clare from Leeds, UK

"Big thanks for your prompt reply. Just to let you know that the earrings have arrived today, so no panic! They are really beautiful and perfect for my wedding day!"


All our Jewellery is custom designed, by 'Shan You'  and manufactured by Orchira. We have been a member of the 'National Association of Jewellers' since 2011 and adhere to their principles.


Every piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and these are signed by Shan.

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