Pearls and Bridal Jewellery

From ancient Greek times pearl jewellery was widely used in association with love, romance and weddings, because of its beauty and purity. Up until around 50 years ago, pearl jewellery was still considered as privileged bridal jewellery, reserved for rich and famous people.

Fortunately from about 20 years ago, linked with the mass cultivation starting in China, cultured pearls such as freshwater pearls and sea Akoya pearls became much more affordable. As a result beautiful pearl bridal jewellery became more affordable for brides to enhance their look on their special day.

The first choice of most bridal jewellery designers for a precious gem is pearls, closely followed by diamonds then crystals. Undoubtedly the pearls' beautiful lustre can harmonise the crisp sparkle of diamonds and crystals. Bridal jewellery must fulfill two purposes: to compliment and enhance the bridal dress, and as a keepsake. Many bridal jewellery pieces are bought by the bride's mother, the bridesmaids and even by the groom as a gift for the bride! In many examples, the bridal jewellery offered is both valuable and classic, making a very meaningful keepsake for life after the wedding.

However when brides choose bridal jewellery for themselves, they are more concerned with the affordability and the look of the bridal jewellery matching with her dress. Lots of them are made by individual designer makers of jewellery, using imitation pearls and Swarovski crystals. 

Apart from the traditional white and cream colour schemes, more and more colours are explored by jewellery designers for a colourful wedding. As bridesmaids and brides mothers' outfit’s can be of various colours, so does bridal jewellery. Beautiful freshwater pearls come naturally in pink, purple, peach, orange, grey and cream colours, so they are ideal for bridal jewellery for bridesmaids and mothers to match their outfits.

Of course designers are more and more creative and the modern colour dress selections have lead to a trend of colour absorbing natural pearls to meet that requirement. Hence why we offer natural pearls that have a wide range of colours.

When buying bridal jewellery, always make sure you buy from a renowned designer jewellery brand such as Orchira; one that offers advice, but also exquisite branded packaging to make the whole wedding experience much more special and memorable. 

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