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"We love Pearls", say Orchira Founders, "What we really wanted to do was elevate them, to show off their breadth of colours, shapes and textures. We do, of course love the classic designs, it's the attraction of pearls, but we love the depth and range of Jewellery that can be designed to give pearls a modern, contemporary look and feel. Something Timeless!



Affordable luxury



Founded in Edinburgh, Scotland, Orchira is a leading British pearl jewellery brand. Orchira pearl jewellery offers design-led authentic pearl jewellery at affordable prices through its online pearl boutique and growing network of jewellery retailers, department stores and TV shopping channels across the world. The brand has been an official sponsor of Miss Universe GB Finals since 2010.



The overwhelming popularity and demand of Orchira jewellery comes from our desire and ambition to bring affordable, unique and well-designed Pearl Jewellery to the Market. All our designs are developed with natural precious materials and we only use 100% authentic cultured pearls and natural gemstones. Our Pearl Jewellery pieces are all handmade and since the launch in 2005, Orchira have always focused on the design and craftsmanship of every piece, whilst keeping the price always affordable.



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Orchira is transparent in its business activity and compliance is in line with all UK and Scottish legislation, industry standards.


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Geddes House
Kirkton North
West Lothian
EH54 6GU
United Kingdom



Company Registration Number: SC254981



VAT Registration Number: GB 827 9097 85