Pearl Necklace Sizes

Getting the Right Length of Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces always look beautiful, but with so many different sizes available, it can be difficult to choose. It’s not always a matter of budget either; shorter ones aren't always cheaper: this can depend on the style, colour, and how many strands of pearls there are. Here are the main categories of length and which might be right for you.

Collar (12 to 13 inch) usually involves several strands. It is generally worn for a more casual look, or to stand out a little more in a formal setting. It works particularly well with low necklines and shoulder-less clothing.

Choker (14 to 16 inches) is usually worn at the base of the neck. Because of this it works well with the same sort of clothing as collar, though is slightly more suited to formal attire.

Princess (17 to 19 inches) is usually considered the most popular length because of its versatility. It can work well with almost any form of clothing, even business attire. If you're going to have just one pearl necklace, this is usually the best choice.

Matinee (20 to 24 inches) tends to be worn with more formal clothing. It will normally drape over at least some of the material in a dress or suit, reaching to the bust line, so won't always work well with very low-cut tops or dresses.

Opera (28 to 34 inches) is most commonly associated with formal events or other times when you want to make a particular impression. Because it drapes down so low, the visual effect is normally much neater with high-cut or collared clothing.

Rope (36 inches or more) is best for those who really want to make an impact. Look out for necklaces in this length that had adjustable clasps as this can allow you to wear it in a variety of styles and even "double-strand" the pearls.