Pearls: The 30th Anniversary Gift

The theme of traditional anniversary gifts often differs by country, with some disagreement between Britain and the United States over which materials are appropriate for a gift in any given year. Thankfully once a couple makes it through three decades together, the confusion ends: pearl is the undisputed choice for a 30th anniversary.

Pearl is such a versatile gem that you are sure to be able to pick the right gift for a loved one, no matter their tastes or your budget. Of course, it would be wrong not to start with the classic choice: a pearl necklace. Remember that there are several different lengths to choose from. Generally a shorter collar or choker length is better for use in more casual occasions, while a longer matinee or opera style is better for formal wear. If you are unsure, the classic princess length of around 18 inches will give your wife the most versatility and opportunities to show off her new gift.

You could also consider other jewellery pieces such as rings, bracelets, earrings or brooches. These are all good options if you want your wife to be able to wear your gift on a more regular basis. Remember that you aren't limited to plain white pearls; they come in a range of colours, so you can pick a hue you know your wife will love, or that will match her favourite outfit. It's also worth looking at pieces that combine pearls with other jewellery, particularly if you want something more creative and with a contemporary feel. Whichever gift you choose, don't forget Orchira not only package each item beautifully, but can gift wrap your purchase for you for no extra charge. You can also have a message included, either printed or written by hand.