Freshwater pearls

A freshwater pearl necklace is always regarded as a symbol of status, as traditionally naturally harvested pearls are extremely rare and precious. Even in the last 50 years with the patented pearl culturing technology available, cultured fresh water pearl necklaces are still quite expensive.

Only from 20 years ago when the patent held by the father of pearl culturing Mr Mikkimoto expired, fresh water pearl farming became a large scale production in China and the price of pearl drops making them affordable gems for most people.

Today's fresh water pearl necklaces are unlike olden times, a plain white pearl single, double or multiple strand necklace, but with the multitude of natural colours and enhanced colours, combined with many types of gemstones, they come in vast varieties of forms and colours, classic or stylish, bright or subtle coloured, long or short, chunky with many layers or light and simple, lariat style scarf or single strand, creating a heaven of choice for women. Today fresh water pearl necklaces also find large fresh water pearls in them, sometimes even challenging the large Akoya pearls or even South Sea pearls at 12-13mm, 13-14mm large sizes.

The pearl culturing technology has been developed by Chinese pearl farmers to make fresh water pearls rounder, larger, with higher lustre, making them a very desirable gem yet at lower prices compared to South Sea and Tahitian pearls. Some of the world's most famous fashion design houses such as Cartier, Bvlgari put fresh water pearls together with South Sea pearls and Tahitian pearls to create exquisite fresh water pearl necklace designs.

Designers of fresh water pearl necklaces love to combine fresh water pearls with colourful gemstones such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Peridot, Citrine to offer delightful colours to the jewellery.

A fresh water pearl necklace is also environment friendly jewellery, as good quality fresh water pearls have to be grown in the cleanest and purest fresh water lakes. Any pollution will destroy the host oyster hence ruin the pearls growing in them. Orchira works with the largest fresh water pearl farm in the world who owns millions of acres of the cleanest fresh water pearl farm lakes, our jewellery is made with pearls grown in kind and responsible hands and we make sure our fresh water pearl necklaces are environmentally proven.