St. Tropez Romance Pearl And Gemstone Bracelet

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Orchira's top seller St Tropez Romance fluorite heart shape stones with natural pink pearl bracelet with gold tone chain. Fluorite is a beautiful gemstone that comes in purple, pink, yellow, green colours, this design has fully explored the different colours of fluorite, with big and small sized hand polished heart droplet shape stones. Whereas pink pearls are very popular the recent years, with Tiffany & Co once bought the whole harvest of the world's pink pearls for its special collection. This necklace is hand crafted with the pearls and fluorite on a gold tone chain, to add the extra delightful glamour on it.

  • Authentic cultured pearls
  • Pearl size: 9-10
  • Pearl shape: Oval
  • Pearl Colour: Natural pink
  • Pearl lustre: Good
  • Gemstones: 16mm fluorite heart shaped 8 pieces
  • Total pearls: 3
  • Length: 20cm
  • Metal: Gold tone chains and gold tone alloy spring clasp